Saturday, August 22, 2009

M/M Romance Reading Challenge - Finished!

As you all know, I've been a participating in the M/M Romance Reading Challenge started by Christina from I Heart Paperbacks. I joined this great Challenge as part of a wonderful team of enthusiastic ladies from The Manhole at The Phade. The official challenge started on April 15 and will end by August 31, 2009.  

This has been a wonderful experience for me personally. Our Manhole team had the most wonderful time coming up with great recommendations and unique category names, but most important of all they were there with some much needed encouragement when some of us were down and out -- that's one great group of ladies! A shout out and many thanks to all of them for sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm. Thank you ladies, you are the best!

The biggest of thanks to Christina from I Heart Paperbacks for starting the Challenge. Thank you Christina! This has been a fun and wonderful experience and my M/M TBR pile is now enormous. Of course, I've "discovered" so many new authors whose backlists I "must read" that I know this Challenge will stay with me for a lot longer than August 31st. 

Since I've been posting most of my M/M Mini Reviews here, I thought I would let you see my completed list. Thank you all for sharing, for your encouragement and for stopping by. 

Completed M/M Romance Challenge List:

1) Animal Attraction 2 Edited by Vincent Diamond - Review at Musings

2) Islands by Samantha Kane - Review at Musings

3) My Only Home by Pepper Espinoza - Review at Musings
4) Recovery by CB Potts - Review at Musings

New Releases
5) Recovery Ranch by CB Potts - Review at Musings
6) Little Tryst by Barbara Sheridan - Review at Musings
7) Best Unspoken by Bryl R. Tyne - Review at The Manhole at The Phade

New-to-Me Author
8) Star Crossed 1: Demon Tailz by Reno McLeod and Jaye Valentine - Review at Musings
9) ePistols at Dawn by Z.A. Maxfield - Review at Impressions...
10) Candy Courage by Angela Benedetti - Review at Musings
11) In the Driver's Seat by Angela Benedetti - Review at Musings

First Book in a Series
12) Three Day Passes - Jarhead Series by Sean Michael - Review at Musings

Small Town M/M Romance
13) Country Boys: Wild Gay Erotica Edited by Richard Labonte - Review at Musings

I Can't Believe I Haven't Read this Author Yet Category
14) Bound by Love by T.A. Chase - Review at Musings

15) Out of Bounds by T.A. Chase - Review at Musings

Out of Comfort Zone
16) Which Way to Dominance by Gavin Atlas - Review at Musings

TBR Pile for over 2 Months
17) Natural Disaster by Chris Owen - Review at The Manhole at The Phade (Summary at Impressions...)

M/M Steampunk
18) Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale - Review at Musings

M/M Cops and Lovers
19) Dancing in the Dark by Jenna Byrnes- Review at Musings

1st M/M Author Ever Read
20) Str8gt Boys by Evangeline Anderson - Review at Musings


  1. Congratulations Hils! WOOT! I'm right behind ya! I have two more books to read and then I'm done!

  2. Thanks, Indi! Good luck to you.. almost there for you. Woot!

  3. Congrats! You did really great! I only read 2 M/M books for this Challenge but wanted to get to more. Oh well, maybe next year!



  4. Thank you, MsM. Next year! :)

  5. COngrats again for finishing! Damn! I forgot about Country Boys. I went to look for it since my local Borders said they had it. Well, they didn't but I forgot to order it. I'll have to do that! :)

  6. Thanks, Tracy. Hope you find it and enjoy it as much as I did.

  7. Congrats on finishing! I'm horrible at sticking to my challenges but perhaps that will change now that I will be doing them publicly :) I've only read one M/M romance this year and that was Str8te Boys. I have to agree with you in that it was certainly a very fun book.

  8. Thank you novelnelle, it became a struggle at one point... but with help from some friends I was able to get over the hump... good luck with next year's challenges! :)