Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crossroads by Keta Diablo

After four years as a cop, Frank McGuire walked away from the job the same day his partner and best friend, Detective Quinn Brennan died in his arms.  Now a 30-year-old ex-cop, Frank owns his own successful business, McGuire PI.  But there is more to the handsome detective that meets the eye and the Baltimore P.D. still requires his help to solve a string of serial murders plaguing them.

Frank's plate is about to overflow.  Emily Brennan, his old partner's widow, calls him with a request -- find 22- year old Rand, who dropped out of college and has been missing for three months without a trace.  Rand has been struggling with gender identity issues and it seems as if things have come to a head for him.  Frank remembers Rand as a youth who looked up to him with more than adoration and he himself suffers from long suppressed feelings of lust for his ex-partner's son.

The search for Rand sets off a chain of events where Ms. Diablo successfully weaves the suspense and the erotic with some surprisingly raw sexual scenes--especially the first encounter where you can expect to find some very creative use of toys and a scorching erotic D/s scene. 

I enjoyed the suspense in this novella and I can definitely see McGuire, PI working other cases in the future. This is my first book by Keta Diablo and I'm glad I was given the opportunity to read it. She does an excellent job of providing the details, twists and turns, and of tying up the loose ends necessary in suspense.  Her writing flows well as she weaves the suspense and the erotic.

Rand's character is drawn as that of an immature young man and McGuire felt a bit old for him at times, not because of age but because of Rand's immaturity and lack of judgment. There is room for growth in Frank and Rand's relationship, although this story achieved its intent and it does not feel unfinished. I can see Frank continuing to guide Rand through the finer points in their personal and sexual relationship. 

I understand that there's a follow-up to this book, Crossroads Revisited, scheduled to release this month. This second installment should provide the perfect opportunity to experience more of the suspense I enjoyed, and gives me something to look forward to--further exploration of a potentially highly erotic relationship.
M/M Erotic/Suspense: Grade B

You can find Crossroads and Crossroads Revisited at Phaze Publishing, an excerpt for Crossroads is also available here.


  1. Hi Hilcia,

    Thank you for reviewing Crossroads. You are correct, Crossroads Revisited is to be released in June. Here, Rand and Frank tangle with another serial killer and the battle lines are drawn again. You are spot-on when you say Rand was portrayed as immature -- intentionally -- so there is room for him to develop during the next two books. I hope you like the change.

    Thanks once again, you write a lovely review.

    Keta Diablo

  2. Hi Ms. Diablo,

    Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the review. I'm looking forward to reading Crossroads Revisited. I really enjoyed the suspense you created in this book.

    But I must say, I can't wait to read more about Rand and Frank's ongoing relationship. Rand has so much to learn and the road to gaining experience should be a fun one ;)