Friday, May 29, 2009

Awards, and Voodoo, and Pins, Oh My!

Musings has received an award from Tracy of Tracy's Place. A fabulous blog that I follow and visit regularly. Thank you, Tracy!

Normally, when I get awarded, I'm excited to be thought of out of all of the other wonderful blogger's out there, but I rarely remember to pass the award along. I know, bad me, but I'm such a huge procrastinator that by the time I think to hand the award out, I've forgotten what the award was and who it came from. I know! Bad me!

But this is an award that can not be forgotten because this award has a little er... gift(?) attached and if I do not pass it on, voodoo doll Brie will be pinned by the mischievous, crazy, and maybe borderline evil, Little CJ. So, you see, my fear is warranted. I do not want to be made into a voodoo doll and relentlessly pinned by Little CJ, therefore I am passing this award along to other unsuspecting victims blogger's.

Now on to business.

I'm awarding Leslie because her blog is one that I follow religiously, and I think everyone else should too.

And Nath, because I love her blog, and she's sweet, and she loves sushi, and because she's hosting the Re-read Challenge that I'll actually make the deadline for this month!


  1. Brie! I'm glad you are excited to have my award, and that you passed it on to such deserving bloggers. You are a very nice person. I like you. No Brie voodoo dolls.

  2. Umm... thank you. I'll be sure to pass this one on - fast. lol

    *runs off to warn nath*

  3. Welcome, Little CJ. Thank you, I'm so glad that there won't be any voodoo dolls made in my likeness.

    Leslie, You're welcome...I think. :p