Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Anti-Valentines Day Contest

The ladies of Breezing Through are taking Valentine's Day back with an Anti-Valentines Day Contest. They are giving away some hot new releases in honor of not needing Valentine's Day to celebrate romance.

Someone send that memo to my husband who goes by the Man Law. According to Man Law, romantic displays are only required three times a year: anniversary's, birthday's and Valentine's Day. The rest of the year I'm lucky if he surprises me with a candy bar.

Anyway, the ladies over at Breezing Through know that we don't need a single day to celebrate romance and are doing something about it. Head on over to Breezing Through and enter.


  1. Ok - how jealous am I that you get the candy bar? My hubby doesn't even do that! lol

  2. Ha! Believe me, the candy bars are few and far between.

  3. LOL, Man Law!! Well at least, he remembers your birthday and your anniversary... that's something no?

  4. Very cool... thanks for the heads up.

    Ooooo I just noticed you're reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond. I love that story. Can you tell I was on a Newberry Award book kick a few years ago? Is that how you're selecting your books for the YA Challenge?

  5. Nath - I give him credit for at least remembering those two things. :p

    Hi Christine - It is completely coincidental that the first two books are Newberry Award winners. I do happen to have a lot of Newberry winners on my shelf though, so it's most likely a trend that will continue.

  6. I should really go back and try to document the YA novels I've read over the years. The YA genre is loaded with wonderful stories that shouldn't be missed by readers of any age.