Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sea Fever: Review

Book: Sea Fever
Author: Virginia Kantra
Category: Paranormal Romance
Setting: World's End, Main
Series: Children of the Sea, Book 2

Last year I read and enjoyed Virginia Kantra's Sea Witch, the first book in her Children of the Sea trilogy. Having enjoyed a new take on the paranormal and wanting more, I dived right in the the second book, Sea Fever, and hit an instant road block. My dislike of the hero, Dylan made it impossible for me to enjoy the story up to the point that I had read it. After sitting the book aside and returning to it at a later date, I can say that things do get better further along in the book, but not enough for me to get over the first half.

Regina is a single mother who spends her days working an unfulfilled job as a cook in her mother's restaurant on the island of World's End and her nights with her young son. She doesn't hold out much hope for marriage especially when Caleb, the last eligible bachelor on their tiny island, marries another woman. While at Caleb's wedding, a drunk Regina stumbles upon Caleb's brother, Dylan.

Dylan has returned to World's End after disappearing from the island years ago with his mother. The reason behind his disappearance is a mystery to the island, as well as his reappearance, but Dylan knows that he left because he found out the truth about his mother being a selkie and that he was one too. He came back to help Caleb and Margred (the selkie who Caleb had fallen in love with) battle a demon, and stuck around for their wedding where he runs into Regina. There is an instant lustful attraction between Regina and Dylan and they consummate right there on the beach in what's supposed to be nothing more than a fling. But they both have a surprise in store for them that threatens to shift the balance of good and evil forever.

Like I stated previously, I had a few problems with the story in the beginning, namely Dylan. He's lived most of his life in the world of the selkies, they are known for being loners and not needing or wanting the trappings of any emotional relationship. Because of this, Dylan is insensitive, making it hard to connect with his character for a least one half of the book. The second half reads a bit better and Dylan shows some redeeming qualities, but not enough for me to really like him. He is standoffish to his younger sister, Lucy, not even taking the time to get to know her. In Sea Witch he was a jerk to Caleb, and by the end of Sea Fever he hasn't made amends there. I do wonder if his non-action with his siblings is working toward something greater? There is one more book in this trilogy so maybe things come full circle by then.

I did like Regina. Her trust issues with men play a part in this story and rightly so. Her father abandoned her as a child and the father of her son, has never accepted responsibility for him. She's not sure that Dylan, with him being called to the sea and the life of an immortal, could be what she really needs in a man. Though I liked Regina, I can't say that I liked every aspect of her story. First, the father of her son is a big time chef, the fact that he's not taking financial responsibility for their son is ludicrous. Second, Regina's mother makes a big revelation to her and Regina's reaction seemed out of place considering what she finds out. Not only that, but the revelation seems as though it is put there to help Regina make a decision as to whether or not go with Dylan to the Sanctuary, and in the end that part of the story is never touched on again. On top of everything else there is also the issue of Regina's career as a chef. She isn't happy working for her mother, she wants to do her own thing, but besides a gig she takes here and there, she's stuck in the kitchen of her mother's restaurant.

So, I had some problems with this one. Sea Fever was not the story I had hoped for after reading Sea Witch. I never got Dylan and I didn't like the way that Regina's past issues were never dealt with along with a few other questions that were raised and never answered concerning Caleb and Margred. I do hope that these issues are worked out - it seems very wrong to leave things where they stand - and there is resolution in the final book of this trilogy, Sea Lord. For this one, Grade C-.



  1. Very nice review, Brie! Even though I liked Sea Witch, I don't think I'll be reading this one.

  2. Thanks Wendy. You know, I think I might have graded the book kinda hard. Maybe a C+/B- would have been a better grade for it.

    As an aside, you might like the book more than me if you ever decide to give it a go. I've seen other reviews for the book that have been mainly positive.

  3. Nice review Brie! I didn't really enjoy Sea Witch, so it sealed the deal for Sea Fever... however, I'd like to add that I didn't really like Reggie's character in Sea Witch, especially her last appearance when she's getting drunk. I mean, sure the last eligible bachelor just go married... but it's not as if he was interested in you and why don't you change your life if you don't like it. I felt that she relied too much on Caleb although they were in any relationship.

  4. Hi Nath! I thought that Regina was a little drippy in Sea Witch, but I never disliked her. But I do get what you are saying about her drinking herself into a stupor because Caleb married Margred. It wasn't like they ever had any relationship, and she never attempted to have one with him--even before Margred came along, so yeah, I wasn't feeling sorry for her. :-|

  5. Interesting comments. I personally thought that it made the characters more interesting because of the flaws mentioned. I thought Dylan was a bit of jerk in the beginning but felt he redeemed himself. Good review.

  6. Hi SciFiGuy, thanks for stopping by. Hm, I might be a little too nitpicky but those things nettled me while reading. The character flaws I can accept, I like flawed characters, but some of the situations were left unresolved which made for an unfulfilling read for me.

    I do agree, it took a while but Dylan did redeem himself.

  7. Hey Brie,
    First - I love the green here. I'd forgotten what a great shade it is.

    Second - thanks for the great review. I've got both books on my wish list, but I haven't been sure I want to get sucked into another series (even if it's only 3 books long) so I think I'll put them off longer.