Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Visions of Heat: Review

Book: Visions of Heat
Author: Nalini Singh
Category: Paranormal Romance
Series: Psy/Changelings, Book 2
Sensuality: Hot

Okay, so I've been on a reread binge this holiday season and one of the books that I took another go at was Nalini Singh's Visions of Heat. I'm a fan of this series, though I've only read the first three (I'm reading the fourth one now), mainly because I enjoy the world building and the fresh take on the paranormal. The romance is secondary to me in these books, and that is probably a good thing since I didn't find this romance to be particularly memorable.

Vision's of Heat begins with Faith NightStar finding out from her father that her sister has been murdered. Faith is an F-Psy--invaluable to her family and to many of the Psy, Faith is able to predict monetary forecasts which means big bucks for those that depend on her. Being a Psy, Faith is not able to feel emotion, all feeling having been trained out of her through Silence. All Faith is able to do is survive on a bleak existence of seeing into the future for profitable gain for the Psy, but when she sleeps a darkness settles over her and Faith is transported to the mind of a serial killer who has already killed her sister and is stalking his next prey.

Faith knows that she can not go to her own people with her dreams because they would think that she was going crazy and lock her up, so Faith leaves her secure compound in search of the notorious Sasha Duncan. Sasha is a Psy who "malfunctioned" and left the Psy to live with the Changeling Dark River clan. But Faith finds more than help from Sasha, she finds a leopard intent on showing her how to feel.

Vaughn is a jaguar living amongst the leopard's. From the moment he sees Faith he knows that there is a connection beyond anything that he can control and he acts on it, pushing Faith to her limits with touch. This becomes almost too much for Faith to handle but with his persistence Faith will not only learn to tolerate feeling, she will catch a killer.

While I liked Vision's of Heat, it didn't grab me the way that Slave to Sensation did. In a lot of ways the story between Faith and Vaughn is similar to that of Sasha and Lucas'. Two Psy heroines and two Changeling heroes. Both women have to overcome major obstacles and both heroes worry that the heroines won't be able to ever love them the way they need to be loved. The thing is, I loved this concept the first time around better than the second. I had a hard time connecting with either Faith or Vaughn. I was never immersed in their story so it read very surface level for me, when I was hoping for something deeper.

Vision's of Heat does have its moments of goodness, though. I love reading the interaction between the Cats and the Wolves, the snark and banter is a hoot. I was also interested in what little there was of the Psy Council. I think there is more there and I can't wait to find out what. Faith and Vaughn weren't a major pull for me but their story was still sweet, and Ms. Singh's world building is something to marvel at. No holes here so far. I found Visions of Heat to be a worthy addition to the series, not as good as the first, but still a fun read. Grade B-.


  1. I enjoyed this one but like you, Slave to Sensation is still my favorite out of the bunch. But Vaughn is one sexy kitty!

  2. Hey Brie, thanks very much for your feedback at my craft blog. :-D Appreciate it greatly.

    I have the first 3 books of this series in the TBR pile, and they've been sitting there for the last year or so. I need to set aside a chunk of time to tackle them consecutively. ;-)

  3. LOL, Brie! You're early on the Re-Reading Challenge!

    I agree with you, StS was better, but both stories were very similar.

  4. Brie, I also agree that StS is my favorite in the series. I recently re-read all the books and enjoyed Visions of Heat more than I did the first time. Although the love story is similar to StS, (and I think it's only because again we have a Psy and a Cat together) IMO this book is key to the series and to the world building. Not only does Faith bring the Changelings a link to a powerful Psy clan with lots of clout and $$, but this is where we really get to know the Psy Net... two key points for the future of the series. So, I have to say that although the love story was not as "hot" as StS, the details of Singh's world building in this book certainly grabbed and kept my attention.

  5. K.B. I liked Vaughn, too. But there was something about him and Faith together that didn't work for me.

    You're welcome, Jace. You should really give this series a chance.

    Nath, I know, I'm a bit early. Ha!

    Hils, I agree with what you said. While this may not be my favorite in the series, it is integral to the series as a whole.