Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Books I'm Not Reading

Recently, I was sorting my books into neat little categories like: read & keeping, read & donating, and, the ever growing pile of to be read. As I separated the books I found that a lot of them weren't fitting into any of my three categories and I had to create a new one labeled, half read & still need to finish. I ended up with more half read & still need to finish books than I had keepers or ones that needed to be donated.

I was a little miffed at myself over this. How could there be so many books that I have started and not finished? What was it about these books that didn't hold my interest?

I figured that they must have been bad--I mean, why else hadn't I kept on reading them--but to be sure, I began looking through them in an attempt to figure out why I didn't stick it out to the end. A few, I decided, were DNF's. But way more were books that I liked, but didn't stick with for reasons now beyond me, though, I'm sure at the time I had made sense out of putting a half read book down. Below are a few books from my enormous pile of reading neglected books.

Demon Angel by Meljean Brook:

At 97 pages in, Demon Angel has all of the elements that I need to enjoy a book. Great writing, interesting characters that I can grow to care about, an intriguing premise, etc. And still I gave up on it.

Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair:

At page 265, I'm more than halfway through Games of Command. Like Demon Angel, it has everything I need in a book, but I haven't been able to get passed the middle hump to finish out the story.

Heir to the Shadows by Anne Bishop:

Another book that I'm more than halfway through. Unlike the first two, I do know why I stopped reading Heir to the Shadows. It was because I became a little annoyed with Janelle. She was bordering on Mary Sue territory when I closed the book at the halfway point. BUT the story is good. I loved the first book in this series and I want to finish this trilogy.

Does this happen to anyone else, or am I on an island alone with starting and not finishing books? Are there any good books that you are not reading?


  1. I have had the DNF blues myself. There are so many books I have that I should crack open, but don't feel like it.
    No like the smexy Kel from Games of Command?

  2. Katie, I love smexy Kel-Paten, I just can't get up enough desire to finish reading about him. Sad.

  3. I've had that happen several times. Generally it's just because I'm not in the mood for that particular book. I probably have at least 5 or 6 on a shelf right now that I've read to various stages and then set aside. I find that if I give it a few months and pick one up when I'm in a lull I usually like them better.

    I can't speak for the others, but Demon Angel was really slow moving for me. Especially the beginning. It was very well written and the characters were fascinating, but the pacing was too slow for me at times. I recommend you read it, because the series only gets better. Promise! =)

  4. Hi Brie :D You're still in the Part I in Demon Angel right? You should keep on reading :) It'll get better and a tad easier :) the pace definitively picks up in Part II of the book.

    Heir to the Shadows is definitively a good book, but you're right...Jaenelle is a bit of Mary Sue... Can't help it though.

  5. By the way, congrats! You've been blogging for a year!! Wow, time flies :)

  6. One year already?! Congrats!!!

    You're certainly not alone when it comes to DNF. I've set aside more than a couple myself. Pretty good ones too, but I just wasn't in the mood for them at that time, so I saved them for another time.

    As for GoC, I would not recommend it as a 1st Linnea Sinclair read. Nope, unless you're a SFR fan already. That's because it's a bit heavy on the sci-fi jargon and pretty techie, and those can be a set-back. I'd recommend instead GABRIEL'S GHOST or AN ACCIDENTAL GODDESS or even FINDERS KEEPERS. GG is in 1st POV but it's very readable and one hardly notices that. Anyways, I hope you won't give up Linnea Sinclair just yet.

  7. Holly- It probably has more to do with my mood than anything else. And Demon Angel is a little slow going for me too. On top of that, I find myself reading it slowly so that I can fully understand what is going on. It can be a little confusing at times.

    Nath- I'm at the end of Part I. Everyone keeps on telling me to stick with it. I'll have to go back and finish it soon.

    Thanks for the LS rec's, Jace. The jargon was a little tough at first, but I'm more than accustomed to it at this point. I just lost interest. That sounds bad, but I did.

    And thanks Nath and Jace! It doesn't even seem like a year has gone by since I started this blog.

  8. I've had that happen a couple of times with series that everyone else seemed to love and I just couldn't get into. I would find myself skimming and thinking there was something wrong with me. In the end I just chalked it up to either not in the mood for them or they just weren't for me.

  9. Demons and Angels is a book that takes a lot of thought to keep up with all that is happening and it does start off a little slow. It takes me much longer to read Brown books than it does for many fictions books because he is so detailed. But the pace does pick up later in the book.

  10. Hi Monique, I've never tried Demons and Angels by Dan Brown, I'll have to look into it. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. You most certainly are not alone, Brie. I myself have about 4 or 5 books that are sitting at various stages of being read that I put down for one reason or another (usually because my eyes landed on a book that seemed more appealing to my current mood).

    Even right now, I find myself coming to a point in a book where I just want to put it down and not really pick it back up again. Nothing against the characters, it's smartly written, but I'm itching to get my feet wet in a completely different genre. Unfortunately, the pull of this book is great for one reason: it's an ARC.

    (Touching on your next post a bit) Although I will give the book a completely honest and fair shake when I'm actually finished, it's slow going and at very least, I feel I do owe it to the author/publisher to finish the book if they took the time to send it to me for free. *sigh*

    In any event, set those books aside, but leave them where you eyes can fall on them again. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised when the mood hits you to suddenly finish. You may need to skim the first few chapters as a refresher, but it shouldn't be difficult.

  12. Leslie- I've come to the conclusion that a lot of books just aren't for me lately. ;)

    Ann- I put books down because another one catches my eye all the time. I'm like a little kid sometimes with my reading attention span.

    I always feel bad when I don't enjoy an ARC. It's a difficult position to be in, but in the end, (I'm about to get cheesy) honesty is the best policy. :P