Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Blood Anthology

I won a copy of First Blood from a contest that Meljean Brook held on her blog a few weeks ago. When the book arrived I had intentions of only reading Meljean's story because she was the author I was most interested in and it was her contest. But since each of the authors in this anthology are new to me, I decided that I would give them all a go, hoping that maybe I would find a new author to fall in love with.

Beginning tomorrow I'll review one book from this anthology a day. Tomorrow is Susan Sizemore's Cave Canem.


  1. Cool! Good for you :) Can't wait for your review of Thicker than Blood! :)

  2. What a great idea to review one story at a time. Can't wait to read your thoughts. I'm a diehard Meljean fan, yet STILL haven't picked up this anthology. Maybe you can convince me to run out and buy it! ;)

  3. Meljean's novella in this anthology was the absolute best!