Thursday, August 14, 2008

Love Triangles: The bain of my book reading

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before, but I loathe love triangles. They get under my skin. Why? Because I never fail to root to the wrong love interest and become sorely disappointed when my guy gets left out in the cold. I've been burned enough to steer clear of books with triangle themes, even going so far as to not read a book (if there is a triangle) until I know who comes out on top. I do this to prevent myself from becoming favorable towards the wrong guy. Most recently I did this with the Mercy Thompson Series.

There have been times when I've began reading a series or book and I have no clue that there will even be a triangle and by the time the triangle comes into play I'm already invested in the series. This is the worst position for me to be in, because while I don't want to continue reading about a woman split between two interests, I do want to see how the story ends.

In truth, the hardest part isn't in rooting for the wrong guy, that, I can somewhat deal with. The aspect that bugs me the most is when the guy that I did cheer for doesn't get a happy ending, or the one he ends up with is not, in my opinion, worthy of him. Or the worse of the worst; he does something outrageous that justifies the heroines choice.

I believe I lack the love triangle chip that would allow me to enjoy the back and forth. I wish I had it because there are a lot of series' out there that I won't read because I can't handle triangles.

How do you feel about love triangles? Does reading them bother you? Do you normally root for the wrong or right guy? Or are you able to enjoy the back and forth while waiting for the three to become two?


  1. I loathe love triangles as well... absolutely hate them. If it's in one book-long, then it's not too bad... but when it's several books long (Plum series), then I hate it. Especially if the heroine will sleep with both candidates. Ugh.

    And what you say is right, about the non-winner doing something outrageous that will justify the heroine choice. That's just the author taking it the easy way out.

    all in all, i'm not a fan of love triangle either :(

  2. I am not a huge fan of them, i make exceptions (mercy Thompson books) but definitely do not search them out. They stress me out for some reason. I always feel bad for the person who does not get the girl.

  3. It depends. If it adds to the overall conflict of the story, makes it all more interesting, then I'm OK with it. I have read a couple though where it did annoy, but not often.

  4. I'm with you I don't care for them simply b/c I always root for the wrong man or the man the heroine doesn't pick.

    The one that ticked me off completely was this crap of Anita Blake. Seriously???? And now look where that ended.

    Part of why I won't read the Plum seris is the fact the triangle isn't solved YET!

    Great topic!

  5. I can deal with a book-long triangle, Nath. But one that goes on longer than that I tend to give up on.

    Ugh, and don't get me started on the heroine sleeping with both of them.

    Kris, I knew going into the Mercy Thompson books who she would choose, so that triangle never bothered me.

    Kmont, I see your point about the conflict. But only if it adds to the story.

    Sarai, After hearing about Anita Blake and her long list of men, I refuse to read the series. Same with Stephanie Plum. From my understanding she's been waffling between two or three men for a long time now.

    Thanks for adding to the conversation, ladies. :)

  6. I actually like love triangles, they add a certain pizazz to the stories for me. Watching the heroine follow her heart and find her true love match adds that drama that I just love.

  7. Seriously, to me, it just ruins it if the heroine sleeps with both. It's just ugh to me.

    The Mercy Thompson love triangle was very well handled in my opinion. The great thing is that it was resolved fast too.

  8. I personally love, love triangles. But, the heroine cannot sleep with either of the men until she chooses. I think that is why the Mercy series works so well, plus it only lasted three books, not twelve. I definitely don't want to be left hanging on that long. It's a fantasy for me, two guys fighting over the same girl.

  9. Nath, The Mercy Thompson triangle was one that never bothered me. Because I never felt like Mercy was stringing either guy along.

    As far as sex with both guys goes. I'm not into that unless the book is about a menage a trios. Otherwise I cant get behind it. It's no fun for me to read about the heroine jumping into bed with one man in one chapter ant the other man in the next, while never making a decision.

    Rowena and Jill, I wish that I felt that way about love triangles. There are a lot of books and series' out there that I want to try but wont because of the triangle aspect.

  10. True, the Mercy Thompson actually never felt like a love triangle... because I think that from the beginning, when the triangle started, Mercy already knew who she would be choosing.

  11. The Mercy loooove-triangle didn't bother me much, mostly 'cause the one I wanted to "win" did.

    Overall I think it really depends on the story, some love triangles are just uncomfortable but it definitely adds an extra hmph to the plot.

  12. Brie, I tagged you for this meme. I hope you'll join in the fun. *grin*

  13. Knowing there's a love triangle doesn't put me off picking up a book or new series. But I reserve the right to rant at length should the author choose the *wrong* guy. I have grave fears about this being the eventual case with the Stephanie Plum books. Sigh. And, like everyone else, Mercy Thompson is probably my favorite example of a triangle done to perfection. In my mind, it was no contest from the very beginning. But I enjoyed the ride and I always respected the way Mercy approached the whole thing. I think that's the key. If the heroine maintains my respect throughout the triangulation, then it's all good.

  14. Hi Wendy, how have you been?

    Thanks for letting me know, Jace. I'll see if I can get it done soon.


    "If the heroine maintains my respect throughout the triangulation, then it's all good.

    I think this is the key for triangle enjoyment. Maybe I'm too unforgiving of the heroine when she starts waffling and thus I loose respect for her.

  15. Adding my two cents: I hate them too.

    Now, the question: Sawyer or Jack? I am a Sawyer girl all the way. LOL