Friday, June 27, 2008

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This picture of Waikiki has nothing to do with this post. I took it while on the plane on my way to Georgia a couple of weeks ago.

Now, on to the post.

I have been tagged by Ciara. I recently discovered her blog and fell in love with it. Go check it out! And I was also tagged by Kmont from Lurv a la Mode. I love reading her thoughts and reviews. If you haven't yet, go check her out, too!

Anyway, here is the rule:

Grab the book nearest to you and open to page 123. Then post the 5th sentence.

Temptation, as Kolis had long ago learned, worked best when delight was just out of reach, and despite Annoura's resistance, her hunger for forbidden pleasures was growing stronger with each passing day.

This is from Lady of Light and Shadows. I'm doing a reread of C.L. Wilson's Tairen Soul series in anticipation of the September release of King of Sword and Sky.

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In other, rather embarrassing news, I just had an eye exam and it might have been the single most humiliating thing I've done all year.

I've worn glasses since I was thirteen. When I got to high school, I ditched the glasses and used my not so good eyes, because glasses weren't kewel. By the time I graduated, glasses were in and even people who didn't need them were wearing them for fashion reasons. Of course, I jumped back on the bandwagon with my black rectangular studious glasses. Anyway, I eventually lost all of the glasses I owned and never took the time to replace them. I never even thought about them until I recently began having trouble driving at night because I couldn't see signs clearly, or the road for that matter. After running over one too many curbs that I never saw coming, I made an eye appointment to get a new prescription.

Dun, dun, dun...

So while I'm sitting in the dark room being prompted by the friendly optometrist to read the first line of letters, I totally freak out because I can't see the first line. She then says: "Try the second line, the letters are a little bigger."

Nope, can't make out that blurry line either. So on and so forth. I swear I wanted to shrink down into the chair and disappear with each line of letters that I could not see. But it gets worse. After the humiliating exam is over and we've found the correct bifocal prescription for my pitiful eyes, the doctor politely asks me if I drove myself to the appointment.

At this point, I do shrink down into the chair and squeak out, "Yes. Yes, I did."

Dr. Wright smiles at me, real sugary like, and makes a quiet tsking noise and asks, "How far away from the office do you live?"

I clear my throat and say, "Only like two miles away."

"Good," she says, relieved. Then she continues, "Make sure that your husband takes you in to get your prescription filled. Because with your sight as bad as it is, I don't think I trust you on the roads by yourself ... without glasses."

I swear I wanted to cry. I ask her, "Are you saying that I'm legally blind?"

"Oh no," she says. I let out a sigh of relief, but before I could celebrate this good news, she adds: "At least not yet."

How freaking embarrassing.

This picture of the volcanic crater Diamond Head has nothing ot do with this post either. But I thought it was cool a picture.


  1. I remember the first time I got glasses. I had a check up with the eye doctor and was surprised to find that I needed glasses. I remember very distinctly when I picked up my glasses and drove home from the eye glass store. I could actually make out individual leaves in the trees as I was driving by them. The colors were so vivid and bright. I felt like a whole new world have been opened up to me. I couldn't believe what an improvement the glasses made. However, until I put them on I never new what I was missing!

  2. That is so funny, Jill because I did the same thing. I remember being mystified that I could see individual leaves on the trees. I even exclaimed that new fact to anyone that would listen. What I found strange was that everyone was like "Yeah, so?" "And?" I realized that is wasn't a big deal to them because they could all see those things, meanwhile I never even knew that I was missing them.

  3. Nice pics. :)

    Cute, albeit alarming, story of the glasses! Please tell me you'll never drive without your glasses again!

    Thanks for the tag. :) My entry is here.

  4. How dare you tagged me! LOL just kidding! I'll do it in a sec.

    I just had to get glasses to drive too, apparently I have myopia and now that I know that, it's sooo obvious. But I'm actually starting to like my glasses. :)

  5. u write well

    Nice spot u have here, hope u don’t mind the drive by, do chk me out one day

    rawdawgbuffalo and if u like what u read, maybe u will come back, even Blog Roll Me

  6. LOL, the optometrist was a bit mean at the end no? I've been wearing my glasses since I was in 4th grade and I can't live without them. I just think my face looks weird not wearing glasses... and I don't even try to see without them :)

    when was your last eye exam?

    Nice pics by the way :D

  7. ps - I'll do the tag very soon :D

  8. Jace, I do wear them while driving now.

    Wendy, I have an astigmatism. It makes the way I see far away things, distorted.

    Thanks for stopping by, Torrence.

    Nath, towards the end I think she was being politely rude.

    It had been about five years since my last exam, and four since I wore my glasses at all.

  9. Brie, I'm so sorry about your eyes. I hope your new prescription works out well for you.

  10. I have been meaning to get my eyes checked. I know have to use reading glasses but I get compliments on how I look like a sexy librarian! :D
    Such lovely pictures!

  11. I want to look like a sexy librarian!

    I just look like more a dork.. but that's okay, because dorks secretly rule! *grins*

    Brie, astigmatism sound more bothersome than myopia, at least the far away stuff are just sort of fuzzy to me, not distorted..

  12. Wendy, you can borrow my sexy glasses anytime. :D

  13. Lovely pics! How cool to live in Hawaii. Or at least it seems so to me. Terrible about the eye exam! you must have been mortified!

  14. Brie, I just finished a book (The Slightest Provocation) in which the heroine sees the hero for the first time with her glasses on: "Gracious," she murmured, "it's quite a different thing, seeing you close up with my spectacles on. It seems I've been missing quite a bit..."

    It reminded me of your story!

    By the way, I got The Queen's Bastard yesterday and I'm really looking forward to reading it.

  15. Ha! That's funny, Meriam. I hope that she was missing good things as far as the hero was concerned.

    I think you will enjoy TQB. I'm looking forward to reading your take on it either way.