Saturday, April 12, 2008

What Kind of Regency Heroine am I?

While surfing the blogosphere, I came across a quiz at Sybil's. The question asks what kind of Regency heroine are you?

Here is my answer:

Oops - you seem to be the victim of an Accidental or Arranged marriage. You never intended to marry him. In fact, you may never even have met him before. But, somehow you managed to compromise yourself, or perhaps this marriage was arranged by your parents, all along. Either way, this is not a love match and you are angry, unhappy or afraid of the way things have turned out - at least, until you find yourself falling in love with him.

There are so many ways this novel can go; maybe you distrust all men or perchance you just despise him personally. Perhaps he is a rake, or the enemy of your family or your country. Or, worst of all - perhaps you overheard him swear love for another woman, or express distaste for your person! But have no fears.

Though misunderstandings (and probably seductions) will be plentiful, by the end of the novel, you and he will certainly have confessed your love for each other, and be well on the way to living happily ever after.

Take this quiz!

Oh, the drama! If only my life was half as noteworthy as this.

I'm curious to know what type of heroine you are? Do share.


  1. Cute quiz! Tried really hard to put myself in a Regency, which was a) unrealistic *snort* and b) awkward.

    Here's my results. Apparently I'm hot stuff. Ha!

    "Lucky you - you are the Belle of the Ball. Looks, wit, charm, accomplishments and money - you have them all. You are the toast of Society, and have received offers from no fewer than three Dukes. There is no-one who does not love you on sight. Sound good? It isn't, because to compensate for these riches, the author has something very nasty indeed in store for you. I mean, she does have to write a novel here, and you can't expect to be happy all the time. So, you have a Dark Secret. Or perhaps a Secret Love for the only man who does not appear to desire you. Or maybe you will be kidnapped, or become embroiled in a scandal, or be wagered and lost by your brother in a card game. The possibilities are endless, but you may be certain of two things. 1) You will not get through this book without some kind of scandal being attached to your name. I'm sorry, but that's just how it is. 2) Whatever it is, he (the man of your dreams, that is) will fall in love with you, rescue you, slay your opponents, defy your detractors, marry you and live happily ever after. This is a romance novel, after all."

  2. Hot stuff is right, Kmont! This is such an entertaining quiz.