Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What The Frig?

I'm trying to finish Driven but so many frigging obstacles keep slowing me down. Between my new job, school/homework, and home-life, I'm only able to read one frigging chapter a day. Frig!

Just in case you hadn't noticed, I went just "'frig" crazy. It's the book, I tell ya. Raina, the heroine in Driven, uses the expression a lot. I guess that it's rubbed off on me.

Last night I read this really cute part in the book, where Wizard, our robotic-like hero, uses the term "frig." I thought it was really funny. I'll share:

"Frig. He tried the word aloud, attempting to copy Raina's tone. The level of irritation did not alter. "frigging hell," he tried again, louder but with no more effective result.

To someone who has not read the book I'm sure that does not sound funny at all. But if you are familiar with the hero it is quite hilarious.


  1. Hey Brie,

    I was wondering where you'd disappeared to, after days of silence! LOL I'm relieved that it was only the general frigging hectic-ness of life that had kept you from the blogosphere. :D

    Wizard ... you're in for a treat. :D There are many more funny moments from this supposedly half-machine dude. I especially loved his interpretation of romance. LOL Happy reading!

  2. Most of the sci-fi books have been using new words for curse words. Frig means... well you know..
    Ann Aguirre's Grimspace does this also and made me chuckle.
    Ohh let's come up with new naughty words. LOL
    How about Frag? Eh, thinking Fraggle Rock now. Thos Frig frag fraggles!!

  3. I hope you manage to get more of this book read! I loved it. But life does get in the way sometimes of reading *sigh*

  4. Hi Brie!
    I stumbled onto your blog tonight and cracked up when I read the title then the first line of this post! I loved Driven. At first when Raina was using frig so much, I thought it was kind of awkward. But then I soon found myself anticipating the 'frigs' and really loved it. And that was so funny when Wizard said it! Loved that part!