Thursday, February 21, 2008

Book Suggestions?

I was reading Nath's post about Contemporary Romance over at Breezing Through. It got me thinking about why I have never read a contemporary piece. I mean, I have read paranormal, historical, sci-fi, fantasy... but no contemporary.

While picking my brain I came up with a few reasons as to why this might be.

1.) Since Contemporaries are set in the world I live in, I fear that I'll probably find the characters quirks and misunderstandings absurd. A lot of times when reading otherworldly books or historical books I can chuck up some of the actions of the characters to their world, or time period. With Contemporary I do not have that luxury.

2.) Every contemporary I have come across had a very uninteresting synopsis.

3.) I'm just plain afraid to take the leap.

After going over my reasons I have decided that it is time, but I need help finding a contemporary to read. I've set up a short criteria list below. Anyone who thinks that they might know of a book or books that might fit, let me know by dropping a comment. :)


Western *(Cowboy type)
Preferably good

Edited to add: I would want to read one of the hardest contemporaries to come by. I've been looking for two hours and haven't found any good prospects. So I'm extending my search to include all contemporaries. What are your favorites? I'm looking for a good place to start.


  1. Hey there ;) I probably have tons of recommendations, but I have to ask for a clarification first. What do you mean by Western? Like cowboy westerns? or Western USA or Westerners? or Western hemisphere?

  2. Nath, I mean Cowboy Western. Any books come to mind?

  3. Brie,

    Linda Lael Miller has a series of contemporary stories on ranchers, or the descendants of ranchers - The McKettricks. The stories are set mainly in small towns. While the guys aren't cowboys, their stories are heartwarming and subtly funny.

    Just thought you may want to check them out. *wink*

  4. Thanks Jace, I checked the author out and found a few books that looked interesting. Can't wait to give them a try.

  5. okay, again, clarification: I would want to read one of the hardest contemporaries to come by.

    Hardest? LOL :) Okay, anyway, I'm going to start my recommendation: first, Jennifer Crusie. You can't go wrong with her... Try Welcome to Temptation, Getting Rid of Bradley and/or Strange Bedpersons. Those were my favorite by her ;)

    Sharon Sala - Out of Darkness, Remember Me and Reunion.

    Katherine Stone - Pearl Moon, Happy Endings, Rainbow

    Judith McNaught - Night Whispers, Paradise and Perfect

    Nora Roberts - Honest Illusions, True Betrayals, Homeport, Angel Falls

    Robyn Carr - Virgin River

    and I could go on and on and on :) but those are the ones that pops up in my mind so far.

    About the McKettrick series, you might want to be cautious, I didn't find them great.

  6. Ooh Nath, I guess I spoke too soon. Thanks for the recs. That's a pretty good list to start with!

  7. Brie, when I was going over my list of reads for 2007, I came to the realisation that The Erotic Secrets of a French Maid was my favourite contemporary of the year. I just really enjoyed it - very funny, very sweet and, obviously, quite hot.

    Cowboys. Hm. I think there's an old Linda Howard called Duncan's Bride. Okay, I just checked Amazon: he's a ranch owner. But I remember liking it. Might be a little old fashioned now...


    Oh, and I bet AAR have a loads of suggestions. I'll have a look and report back!

  8. Okay -

    Here you can find authors that fall under the "Frontier/Western/Americana" heading. Surely a cowboy or two will fall out if you shake that tree of authors...

  9. Thank you so much Meriam! I didn't even think to go to AAR. How did that slip my mind?

    Oh yeah, and thanks for the link to the authors who write western contemporary. Off to shake a tree.

  10. Brie, I second Meriam's recommendation for Duncan's Bride. It immediately came to mind when you asked for suggestions. It's a contemporary mail order bride story. The Hero owns a ranch out in Montana (I think). I will give some thought to more suggestions.

  11. Oh Brie ... I can't wait to know what you think about Driven! *grin*