Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Book: Hunted
Author: Amelia Elias
Grade: DNF

This book I tried to read time and time again but in the end it was "did not finish" material for me.

Witness to a brutal murder, Sian Lazuro didn't count on the killer escaping moments after his conviction. Three years later, she's learned the hard way there's only one person she can trust herself. When she wakes up in bed with a gorgeous stranger who claims to have saved her life, she's understandably wary. Diego Leonides is like no one she's ever met before. Sensual, mysterious, and clearly delusional, he insists not only is he a vampire, but she's now his eternal mate.

Diego never dreamed he'd find his mate by getting hit by her car, and he's no happier about their sudden bonding than she is. The only survivor of a massacre that wiped out his entire Clan, he's spent the last century avoiding taking a mate. Now he finds himself stuck with a woman running from a murderer just as the descendants of the vampire slayers who killed his family arrive in San Francisco to finish the job with him.

Arranged marriages are hard enough on a vampire without having to convince his mate that the real bloodthirsty fiends are the mortals.

The premise is promising. The hero, Diego, was intriguing. The story had legs but somewhere along the pages the words fell flat and the characters became hollow, especially the heroine, Sian.

I doubt that I have been more annoyed with a heroine before. She was everything that I dislike in the female lead. Loud for no reason, constantly thinking herself to be right, hardly ever listening to direction that would keep her out of trouble, rude...

I grew weary of her antics halfway through and put the book down. I didn't even want to see if she ever gained some semblance of humility. I felt sorry for Diego, being mated to such a numb skull against his own will. Yes, that's right, he was bonded to her, not by choice but by trickery.

In conclusion, Hunted was just not my cup of tea. Grade DNF.


  1. Yuck! I hate heroines like that. I'll be staying away from this one.


  2. I actually own this one. Joy. I bought it a long time ago, too.


  3. Holly, I recommend that you stir clear of this book too. The heroine was toeing the STTL line.

    Keishon, did you read Hunted? If so what did you think about it?

  4. No, I didn't read it. I just bought it. After reading your review, I don't want to read it.*grin*