Sunday, December 16, 2007

Prince Of Magic

Book: Prince of Magic
Author: Linda Winstead Jones
Grade: B+

Being that this book was the first in a continuation of a previous trilogy I was originally inclined to read the trilogy of the Fyne Witches prior to the first book in The Children of the Sun trilogy, Prince Of Swords. But since I was unable to find the first book in the Fyne Witch Trilogy I settled on the first one in this newer, Children of the Sun trilogy.

The firstborn children of the Fyne witches have finally come into their own, each with a special gift...

Independent Ariana Kane Varden, daughter of the Sun Witch, has never let family duty keep her from reaching her dreams. She learned the practice of her gift, the power to heal others, at her mother's knee. And now she is the Palace healer, tending to her emperor...

The last prophecy of magician Sian Chamblyn's late grandfather points to Ariana as the one to save Columbyana from a growing evil. Sian has hightailed it from lands afar to deliver the message. When he must prepare her for the fight of her life, Sian intends to remain undistracted by his sensuously beautiful protege. But in the heat of battle-and passion-diligence might be his downfall...

Ariana is a witch with the power of healing. Her primary patient is the Emperor, Arik who has fallen ill. While Ariana wants to heal Arik it is proving to be difficult so her primary goal becomes just keeping him alive as long as possible. There is no one else to take the throne in his death, being that his son, Ciro has disappeared and leaving the land of Columbyana with no king would be disaterous.

Sian is a wizard with strong magical powers. Before his grandfather's death he was given a prophecy by his grandfather, that speaks of a war between good and evil that will be led by the first born of the Fyne Witch's, and told to deliver it to the emperor immediately. Sian does just that. At his arrival at the emperor's palace he has an initial run in with Ariana that leaves them both not to fond of each other. Sian thinks that Ariana is nothing more than the kings concubine and Ariana finds Sian arrogant.

Upon delivering the prophecy to the ailing king Sian learns that the first born that is to lead the war of good and evil is Ariana Varden, a woman. It is unheard of in the times that they live in for a female to lead men into a battle and Sian lets it be known that he feels that Ariana is not capable of such a feat. The prophecy also states that the first born of the Fyne witches will meet their death in the battle. Now Sian is really against sending a woman to the front line. None the less, he knows that Ariana needs to be ready for what is to come so Sian takes up the role of being her teacher.

Through the time Ariana and Sian spend together pratcing magic they grow closer and form a mutual attraction and a close bond. But there is still a battle to be won and with the prophecy's prediction that Ariana will die in battle looming over them will they be able to find the love they both crave with each other or will the prophecy's words end them before they get a real chance to begin?


I know, bad me for not reading the first trilogy before starting the second one but the premise of this story intrigued me and I couldn't resist. Good thing I couldn't seeing as how this book was a really enjoyable read.

While there could have been major confusion, on my part, by not reading the first trilogy I was able to pick up on details easily enough and Jones gave just enough back story so that Prince of Magic reads well as a stand alone. It does leave off with many questions still unanswered but I'm assuming that the second and third book will clear everything up.

I'm so anxious to complete this trilogy that I'm going out today to buy the final two books: Prince of Fire and Prince of Swords. Hopefully they are as good a read as the first.

Grade B+

I could not find an excerpt for this book.