Sunday, December 16, 2007

Be Mine Tonight

Book: Be Mine Tonight
Author: Kathryn Smith
Grade: B-

I picked this book up after a few recommendations I was a little hesitant being that the book is a vampire historical and those are usually a drag but I gave it a try anyway. Be Mine Tonight is book 1 in The Brotherhood of Blood Series.

For centuries Chapel has served as a holy warrior, hiding himself away from human contact. Now he's forced to travel to England where an ancient evil may be awakened.

Prudence Ryland almost out of hope. She desperately needs a miracle and thinks she might have found it. But she's about to discover that the greatest miracle awaits her in Chapel's arms. All she has to do is make her reluctant vampire believe in the power of true love.

Chapel is a centuries old vampire, who was turned into one by drinking from the Blood Grail believing it to be the Holy Grail. Thinking himself a demon he has lived his years in the service of the Catholic Church. His primary goal is to keep the Blood Grail out of the wrong hands.

Prudence is the youngest of four girls, at only 22 she is dying of cancer. She isn't ready to die though and sets out in hopes of finding the mysterious Holy Grail, since it is widely believed that sipping from the grail will grant a person eternal life.

Word of Prudence's search for the Holy Grail reaches the Church and a priest along with Chapel are sent to England to make sure that it is indeed the Holy grail that Prudence thinks she may find not the Blood Grail. When Chapel gets there he meets Prudence and is immediately attracted to her, which poses a problem because he is a vampire.

Pru finds herself drawn to Chapel as well. Over time the attraction deepens and it is revealed to Chapel why Pru is seeking the Holy Grail. Seeing that Pru's time is running out Chapel hopes for her sake that it will be the Holy Grail she finds and not the Blood Grail, because he could never allow her to become like him; a curse.

Things go awry and Pru finds out that Chapel is a vampire. She wants him to make her into one too so that she will be able to live forever with him. Solution right? Not quite, see Chapel flat out refuses to turn her into something he believes to be a horrible curse, not a blessing.

With Pru's time running out will she be able to find the grail she is searching for? And Chapel's love for her growing stronger by the day, will he be able to come to terms with who he is in time enough to save Prudence from certain death?


This story was very good. I found it to be well written, entertaining and the characters, especially Pru, were well fleshed out. Their internal struggles were believable and while Chapel's constant berating himself about what he was could have become tedious it was written so well that I didn't find myself wanting to hurl the book across the room. Okay, I actually did want to throw it but only once. What can I say? I like my male vamps... vampy.

Prudence in no way lives up to her name. Despite her condition she is full of life and hopeful. She is not "woe is me" at all and even though she is not ready for death (so soon) she has on some level accepted it as her fate and face's it with a strength and bravery not normally found in heroines afflicted with an illness.

I did have a slight problem with the book though, and that was that it wasn't too much of a vampire romance as it was a normal romance. The vampire angle was thrown in here and there but it was not a major point in the book other than Chapel's internal musings about how much of a curse he was. This wouldn't have been a problem for me had the book not been marketed as a vampire romance. But of course that was a minor blip and for anyone who is a lover of historical romance's and vampire's this would be a great read for them.

Book 2, Night of the Huntress and 3, Taken by the Night are in stores now.

Grade B- [Only because when I read a book about vampires I do so expecting the vampire to actually like being a vampire.]

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