Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rating System

As of February 2009 the ratings on Musings of a Bibliophile changed. In place of letter grades are now word grades. Since meanings can vary depending on the reader, I've added short explanations for each rating. Alphabetical ratings are still linked to reviews before February 2009 and can be found below the new rating system.

Exceptional. Blown Away: Exceeds expectations. Not a quibble in sight. Highly Recommended.

Worthwhile. Highly Enjoyable: The story was very good. Recommended.

Mas o Menos. So-So: Readable, but could have been better. Minor problems. Recommended with reservations.

Unsatisfying. Eh: Has some problems, not an enjoyable read, but not a completely bad one either. It sits on the fence. Buy used.

Avoid. Approach With Caution: Has some major problems and was thisclose to becoming a DNF. Save your money and get it from the library.

DNF. Did Not Finish: Not worth the paper it was printed on. Pass this one up.

Grades prior to February 2009:

A: Loved it. Loved the characters. Overall great read. Grade A Reviews

B: Liked it a lot. Good characters. Overall good read. Grade B Reviews

C: Did not really like it. Characters were okay. Could have been better. Grade C Reviews

D: Barely finished it. Characters were unlikable. Not a good read. Grade D Reviews

DNF: Did not finish. Did not like the book at all. Definite wall banger. DNF Reviews

Sensuality: Kisses, Subtle, Warm, Hot or Burning. How each book rates sensually. Sensuality Ratings

All ratings are based on my personal feelings on the books I read and only meant to be a starting point for someone looking to read a certain book. It is always best to do your homework on a book before purchasing, and not take a single review as the gospel.

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